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Beautiful One

Beautiful One

Tonight, the sky lit up. My eyes, my soul, my being is quenched in observance of this awesome site. Words cannot describe the majesty and glory of His design.

Water quality

Water quality

I was honored to be a part of an important project, a white paper presented by IFPRI & Veolia. This joint partnership presents information that proves the world is on a path toward rapidly deteriorating water quality levels in many countries. It’s a big issue and something we all take for granted here in the west. Well, perhaps if you’re in California you’ve had a more direct impact lately.

Read more about the study here.

Read the white paper.

I provided the graphic design for this piece, as well as the photo on page 2. Here are other photos from that series, taken in Chicago.

12-15-2015 UPDATE: I was elated to hear that the main photo here, titled, Positive Reflection, was among 6 finalists in the contest by Veolia and Paris Match, chosen from 15,000 photos received! There were some amazing photos submitted, so I’m honored to be part of it.

photo caption: Barefoot children interact with the local water supply, showing the symbiosis between urban living and the need for clean water.



This pen becomes any color it touches

As a graphic artist and photographer, I have always embraced anything that magnifies my abilities to create. There is a short list of brands that have produced important tools that I use daily. Apple, Wacom and Nikon are just a few examples of those brands. Scribble promises a revolutionary sylus / pen that becomes any color it touches. There are now truly no limits to color in your designs. Though, I have my doubts that it can touch the sky. Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze now has new meaning.

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