Here’s a series of photos of Dave that were shot using a turkey pan. Seriously, let me explain.┬áBack in 2011, while on vacation, a surprise photo session had me thinking quickly. I happened to bring along two light modifiers and strobes. Converting a garage into a studio, I discovered an old tarp that would work well as a moody background. I already had my key light and a second rim light, but needed something to create some fill and definition to the face. It so happened to be Thanksgiving, which meant there was an extra, shiny-aluminum turkey pan in the kitchen that my mother was kind enough let me borrow. Using this turkey pan, I was able┬áto bounce light from the key light back to the face from the side, creating the final light-hacking scenario. For grins, I have added a more traditional portrait of Dave shot this month, using only one key light with a reflector for fill.